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TLG DISTRIBUTORS LLC Website update, Currently updated for July 13 , 2018

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We have picked up 7 new stores over the weekend, in time for the holidays. 6 of 7 will be released on monday July 16th, 2018 by the end of the work day . One of 7 is pending on maintenance.

July 13th: The Promotional Mix Page, Ready to shop page has just been extended out, more items has been added

Updated: The Recognition Plan Banner link has changed on the Personal Care Page.

July 12th,2018 : "Performance, Genuine leather shift boot and steering wheel cover , Save Dollar stores "has been added to our site

"Karkom Digital Company,Poetic Justice" has just been added to our site, July 9th 2018

Updating current ads and new ads will be placed based on countries shipping and services availability today

Just added " VJ Books ", " HobbyTron", " Kidrobot" to our website

We have just picked up Two (2) Great Australian Stores

- harmony,cinema,recreation

Asian Online Entertainment Retailer

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Home page, text link "U.S.OF.A Health Articles " Content of CEO

Top of the Services page text link "Up to date on the Latest Source " Content of CEO

Disclaimer Page " System Administrator " Content of CEO

Field Hospital Bed Accessories Gallery, Has been added to Business Page

TLG DISTRIBUTORS LLC, Additional Holiday Information Memorial Day , Independence Day, Labor Day,Thanksgiving Day,Christmas Day,New Year's Day , Office Will Be Closed.
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