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☛ TLG PDF Overview Currently Updated 09/16/20 @ 08:37pm

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☛ Promotional Mix Page Update : next to Vertical banner right side, 8% Off Coupon for Netvue Sentry 1080P Outdoor PTZ Camera Code SS05 Ends 09/30/20

☛ Services Page 15th link down left side = Just in case, I thought you should know

☛ Business Page left side 12th link down = Organic Fruit Baskets

☛ Promotional Mix Page ,7th link down right side update = 5% off coupon code ADPLUS for plus size clothing

☛ Service Page New = Get Info on "vacation ideas", top right side

☛ Particular Guidance Page New = Get Info on "christmas vacations", left side near bottom

☛ Receive specific information Page New ! Blessed Holiday

☛ @ the bottom of Mystery Shopping Page Halloween Special Topic

☛ .TLG Overview Page : Just above the Monthly festivity content::Were Sharing this with you " Companies Raise Prices on COVID-19 Drugs, "

☛ Services Page update } Equipment for the outdoor enthusiast

☛ ☛ Bottom of the Promotional Mix Page } Men accessories

☛ Center of the Mystery Shopping Page Joyful Mystery Gifts

☛ Selective Space Page = Introducing Tyent's Alkaline H2 Hybrid Ionizer. On Sale Now!

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